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Flowing Sheet V

The End (1) by Dmitri A. Reavis

A soft breeze wafted from the sea and carried with it, all the way to Ashgrove Cottage, the faint tinge of salt air. Jack could smell it now and then and Stephen less often, but to anyone who had walked a quarterdeck as long as Jack, it was, in some way, always there. Jack's mind had wandered off moments ago whilst Stephen was describing a delicate dissection he had performed the day before on a small finch that continually whirled above the cottage. It was unlike any Stephen had seen with regard to its femur. Or some other bone - Jack could not recall

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An Amazing Modern Age (2) by Robin Welch

Hampshire, England, 2004. A hedgerow separates two gardens. Lieutenant Jack Aubrey, RN wields a hedge clipper. He spies his neighbor and friend, Dr. Stephen Maturin.
"Oh, why hello there Stephen! Lurking behind my hedgerow again? Bats roosting in there?"

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Dr. Maturin's Defeat (3) by The Last of the True French Short Bastards

Dr. Stephen Maturin, recently of Trinity College, Dublin, could not with any justice have been described as an aggressive young man, but the recent announcement of the election of the Estates-General (last assembled in 1614, no less) had left him in a high state of excitement. His nerves were therefore very much on edge as he arrived late at the Comtesse de Polignac's musical salon and was forced to take the only seat remaining, a little gilt chair near the players.

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