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A Battlefield

I am, or better, I try to be a farmer. I take care of my olives and other honourable vegetables. But time ago I did work as something seemed to be a computer technician. Let me tell you, dear lissun, to me it was not a good job. I cannot stay 8 hours in an inner room, feeling sun outside, thinking in people walking freely in the street, and other personal imagination. Of course, I respect those who are able to fulfil the timetable and enjoy their jobs.But there was a good thing. Sometimes it was necessary to send a man to repair some problem, in some computer, in some lost place of this extensive region.

So, once upon a time, working in a company of Montijo...or it was in Jerez de los Caballeros?...perhaps it was Mérida, ummm...maybe was in Badajoz, in that which I even reached six months of labour stability, but sadly they came bankruptcy. Nevermind. Please pass the bottle, I shall tell ya'.

The man sent, obviously, I was. My custom was always on such occasions to spend the more hours possible out there. And was reasonable, Sir. You cannot expect the boy to come back soon if you send him to 100 or more miles away.

I dunno if I did go forward or I did come back. The place where I drove my car, searching, out of the main road, would be one more, as other which I used to rest and eat, expecting to see birds and trees, like vultures, eagles and some kinds of quercus. I did like to discover a new point in the chart and record it in my heart-disk...uhm, it tastes good...well, I was saying...will you please uncork that Santa Coloma, my dear?

Twenty miles Badajoz southsoutheast, after passing La Albuera, way to Zafra. Extremadura was never industrialized. Her richness comes precisely for being traditionally forgotten by every Government. I speak of nature and food, Sir. Well, if you do like big city you will be bored, but...umm...Do you want me to serve you one of this? choice, Sir...let me accompany you, thank not forget the rice with hare, at first it could be little hard, but...I continue, with your La Albuera!

I am not going to tell you, Sir, that the place did not change. It would not be true, even debauched. Not my style...spanish honour and all that stuff, you know. Well, let us drink so divine pleasure...thank you Sir.

I took place on a knoll, apparently prepared to rest during your pilgrimage, but in fact, the road was very bad, hidden holes and mud. And the stone seats were old and dark. It seemed nobody had been there from time ago. I was ready to use my usual quantity of spare hours, enjoying the infinite moments that were offered to me. The place was promising. Nobody around. It was not better than other I knew. There was nothing special, no castles, no gothic churches. Only the view of a plane land. You could see far away in all directions from the knoll. You could control the area, Sir. I walked and looked all around. I saw the road I left, and also the town La Albuera I had passed. I begun to read a dirty stone board, as other ones, I guessed lately stood by Government, telling you about how right they spend your money, perhaps something like "This place cost us a lot of money. So enjoy these rusty irons and these comfortable stones and watch the mud if you do not want to go back on foot for a crane to save your car. Viva España!"...excuse me Sir... Helena!!! Bring a bottle, please!!!...let us finish this Sir...but please try the black iberian pork, nothing to do with the poor spanish northern white common pig...enjoy it, so delicate, so tasty...What's that? Why are there two lamps? Was not only one?...Oh, Lord, with this wine the lights flourish!.

Let me teliu, Zir. The Surprise. What did take my attention were the colours on the stone board, many small squares and arrows, red, white, blue and more. It was the situation of the armies of Britain, Spain, Portugal and France, that in 1811, in may the 16th, fought in that place. Badajoz, in french hands, needed help, surrounded by the Anglo-Spanish-Portuguese army. Soult did come for that reason. But Beresford, Blake and Castaños did wait him on the knoll. 30000 allied, 25000 french, 5000 of these cavalry. The early hours of that day, Soult attempted to expel them out the knoll, attacking and surrounding them. There was a wild storm, the rain and the smoke of gun- powder did difficult visibility. Violent combat, but the effort of Soult was in vain. The next day at nigthfall, Soult retired to Llerena. The french lost 8000 men (including three generals), the allied 6000.Focussing my attention to the bottom of the stone board, I saw non-spanish words, "Oh Albuera, glorious field of grief!".

How long I was looking on the horizon? Well, sure a long. I tried to imagine. It was sunny and clear blue sky. But if the road I came there, was so impracticable in so wonderful day...ummm...sorry, do I feel sleepy, perhaps...After the battle Spain was very lucky, our dear Fernando VII created in 1815 a commemorative medal with the name of the battle, while His Majesty also killed, firing at the wall, only one half of the spanish people. The same people who fought against Napoleon to bring Fernando back to Spain. Funny boy don Fernando!.

Let me tell you Sir, this wine indeed...Days after, I believe I was fired by my boss, but I was accustomed to ...well...also I would like to tell you...but maybe tomorrow...

-Helena, go and see what your father and poor Mr. Mason do.

-Yes Mummy.

-Hello, Mr. Mason. My name is Helena. I study English. Welcome to...

-Girl ho!!!, What's your father talking about?...hey! his head is upon the keyboard surrounded by english dictionaries! Ha, Ha, Ha! Farewell and adieu...We'll rant and we'll roar like true british sailors...We hove our ship to when the wind was sou'west boys...!!!

-Mamaaaá, mamaaaá!, come!. To lose not a minute!!!


Killick said: Boy, shut up already!.
-Sir, I would like to tell...
-Shut up!. Enough for today

© 2004 Antonio Amador