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Lissun Authorship

Flowing Sheet

Members of the Gunroom have been set the challenge of trying to write short pieces "in the style of the Master." The first of these competitions (the Flowing Sheet) was proposed by Warren Godfrey, a regular contributor to the W.W. Norton Patrick O'Brian Forum, in 1998. Since it was so popular, the contest has been repeated several times.

Flowing Sheet I (1998)

Flowing Sheet II (2000)

Flowing Sheet III (2001)

Flowing Sheet IV (2003)

Flowing Sheet V (2004)

Flowing Sheet VI (2005)

Flowing Sheet VII (2006)

Other writing by Gunroom members set in PO'B's world.

Patrick O'Brian Mornington Crescent. "We take turns to write episodes of stories more-or-less in the setting of the Aubrey / Maturin novels, faking PO'B's style to the best of our abilities."

Published works by lissuns.