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Flowing Sheet I

Twilight of the Gods (1) by Ganesh Suntharalingam

Carrying his cumbersome package, Stephen walked cautiously down the crooked, feeble path, often forced to check his pace and peer at the already dim ground as he threaded his way past the bracken encroaching on the damp track.

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The Cranes are Flying (2) by Patrick Otte

"I trust," said Stephen, "that Captain Aubrey has some valid reason for rousing me out of my bed at this evil hour."
"I couldn't say, sir." The boy stopped at the foot of the ladder to let Stephen go on. "He only asked me to fetch you up as quick as possible."

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Godspeed My Love (3) by Warren Godfrey

As Stephen returned the pierced iron box with Sir Joseph's letter to its place beneath his hammock, his hand brushed the traveling case of that whimsical item Killick called the "article". At length he drew it out, positioning the purser's dip so that it gleamed from the dark wood surfaces and the curiously worked hinges, each polished against all need or reason by the ever-present Killick.

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