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Flowing Sheet IV

Duet Interrupted (1) by Chari Wessel

The violin worried at the Haydn menuetto like an old dog with a bone until finally Stephen took pity on the music, ceased his bowing and set aside his 'cello. "I'm sorry, brother," he said, stretching out his leg and kneading his meagre calf. "I fear I have a cramp." It was a fiction, and a thin one; but it served. It required a man of far less acuity than Stephen Maturin to see that Jack Aubrey's mind was not on his music.

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The Doctor Steps Out (2) by Keith Peterson

The faintest metallic snick was produced when the dagger accidentally touched the plastered brick wall. M. Dutourd gave a look of icy annoyance, and the man he hired in the squalid portside brothel, standing next to him at the top of the dark stair, held his breath, brought the hand holding the blade to his leg. He studied the man in the room beyond the door they were to kill.

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My Cool Southern Sea (3) by Gary W. Sims

Jacob is my sister's boy. Fair like her and cheerful. He came to learn the sea with me. My cool southern sea. With tales of Camperdown and heroes bold, we sailed to join Van Daendels. Jacob talked of warm Spice Islands, lolling in the sun; but he loved our cruise as well, our predatory voyage, driving the English from my cool southern sea.

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