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The Capture of the Cacafuego

A fragment of a poem in the classical manner

Twas in the year one, off the coast of Spain,
When Captain Aubrey achieved his fame.
As a predator of the Spanish fleet,
Captain Aubrey's command could scarce be beat.

The Sophie was a sloop of stature small,
Her broadsides weighed almost nothing at all.
Despite this lack of cannon's weight. Lucky Jack
Swept the main to Italy and back.

His golden hair inspired the crew to cheer,
"Come on my lads our Goldilocks is here."
This tiny ship, the Spanish wanted to catch.
The Cacafuego would be more than her match.

A thirty four gun xebec frigate, they thought it would
Crush this annoying sloop into splinters of wood.
Brave captain Jack heard of this Spanish ploy
And decided, to capture the foe would bring great joy.

Leaving the surgeon the helm, with fifty men all told
They stormed and drove the Spanish crew to the hold.
Send me "Otros cincuenta", gallant Aubrey cried
When the Spanish crew pushed them near the side.

The red and gold colours were lowered as were the Dons,
The Sophies with their prize headed for Port Mahon.
The fleet all at anchor in the harbour roads
Cheered the Sophie's crew, the Spaniards' goads.

But Captain Harte did not admire the gallant crew
Nor their Captain bold, but his wife she knew
How a hero of this kind should be caressed
If all of the Navy was to emulate England's best.


© 2003 Adam Quinan