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Published Works

Many members of the Gunroom are authors also and have published works for commercial sale or for their own satisfaction. A few of these are listed below, in alphabetical order by author. These links are for information only, and do not imply endorsement by the list members or administrators.

Men of Promise
by Chris Fasolino
In the late 18th century, a British captain accepts a command to search for mythical Asian islands and a fabulous treasure...

Two books by Mark Iliff:
Nelson confides 1792. Keen to escape a stifling home life and explore the world, Sim Roberts joins the Royal Navy. Jolly Jack Tar doesn’t know what to make of a nice 14-year-old of the middling classes. And the feeling is mutual. Then the war begins...
One way Lol, Meena, Kimi and Beau are strangers. And they’re about to spend the rest of their lives together... At last, travel to Mars is here. Private enterprise has the funds and the technology. But the journey is strictly one way.

Pirates of the Narrow Seas series
by M. Kei
The adventures of Lt. Peter Thorton of the 18th century Royal Navy

Murder & Miss Austen's Ball
by Ridgway Kennedy
With her 40th birthday approaching and with three well-received novels in hand, Miss Jane Austen determines that she will host a ball...

The continuing voyages of HMS Surprise
Six novels by Alan Lawrence
Tom Lewis has published many books on Australian naval history

Unit Serial Numbers from the "First U.S. Army Build-Up Priority Tables, List A, D+1 through D+14" D-Day (Normandy) - Top Secret - BIGOT NEPTUNE
by Lois S. Montbertrand and Ben C. Major

The Obversant Voyage; A Parody
by O. Brian Patrick
actually by Joe Guiney (nom de plume, Owen Brian Patrick)

Five books by C. Mark Smith:
Raising Cain: The Life and Politics of Senator Harry P. Cain (2011)
Community Godfather: How Sam Volpentest shaped the history of Hanford and the Tri Cities (2013) The amazing story of Sam Volpentest, who saved a community from drying up and blowing away after the government decided to stop producing plutonium at Hanford, WA
In the Wake of Lewis and Clark: From the Mountains to the Sea? (2015) A companion for passengers on the several cruise boats that cruise the Columbia and Snake Rivers.
Congressman Doc Hastings: Twenty Years of Turmoil (2017), a biography of Congressman Richard "Doc" Hastings who served Washington's 4th District in Congress from 1994 to 2005. Hastings was one of the few congressmen to chair two standing committees during his term of service.
Something Extraordinary: A Short History of the Manhattan Project, Hanford, and the B Reactor (2019), co-authored with Robert F. Ferguson. The book is designed for cruise boat visitors and those visiting the B Reactor at Hanford, where the first plutonium was manufactured in World War II. It is now part of the National Park Service's Manhattan Project National Historic Park

The Pompeiian: The Parthian Shot
The Pompeiian: The Second Son
The Pompeiian: The Beast Catchers
by J. S. Viginti
This is the pen name of our list veterinarian, Chari L. Wessel.
The adventures of a young veterinarius in the first century Roman empire.

The Port-Wine Sea
by Susan Wenger
A rousing parody of what The New York Times once called the best historical fiction ever written