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Other Writing

The following are pieces set in the Aubrey/Maturin world.

The Hunt for Red Cacafuego by Ganesh Suntharalingam
in which Tom Clancy undertakes some ghost writing

The Lamp of Life by Oliver Mundy
being the Last Diagnosis of Stephen Maturin

The Adventure of the Two Canons by Martin Watts
which it's in the nature of a Christmas offering to the Gunroom

An Enigmatic Evening with the Captain by Martin Watts
another Christmas offering to the Gunroom

Naval Manoeuvres by Martin Watts
yet another Christmas offering to the Gunroom

The Surprise by Marian Van Til
a competition entry based on two sentences

A Visit From St. Neptune by Bruce Trinque
a variation on a common theme

First Impressions Can Change by Adam Quinan
it all hangs on which newspaper Jack looks at while sailing home at the start of Post Captain

The Full First Chapter of The Hidden Heart by James C. Reilly

Band of Brothers, compiled by Anthony Gary Brown
the New Aubrey / Maturin Musical

A Song for Jack by Oliver Mundy and I am the very model of a lissun quite fanatical by Kerry Webb
with no apologies to W.S. Gilbert