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Flowing Sheet VI

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck (1 tied) by Susan Wenger

The wind, running at ten knots, had shifted quarter in the night and now came up out of the south against the current, raising a light chop. H.M.S. Surprise was starting to have to tack as it beat southwards into a breeze that was strangely moist for this part of the world and beginning to form streamers of mist along the wave tops. The sun became more and more a milk-white disc in a featureless, colorless, gradually thickening sky.

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Morning at the Asclepia II (1 tied) by Bruce Trinque

Jack Aubrey stared out at Boston Harbor from his window at the Asclepia hospital. He heard his door open behind him; and in a reflection in the glass, he saw Stephen Maturin. "Stephen, how are you this morning?" Jack cried as he turned, his friend's face nearly shining in rare, evident pleasure.

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Hands Aft To Witness Punishment (3) by Martinus Scriblerus

Davies, do you see those great flightless birds?"
Davies looked auk-ward, nearly capsizing the boat.

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