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Companion Sites

WikiPOBia.  The Patrick O'Brian wiki.

Aubrey/Maturin series text search.  Enables you to search the entire canon.

AubreyMaturinSeries subreddit

Patrick O'Brian Web Resources (Wayback Machine). Gibbons Burke's PO'B links page was wonderfully comprehensive.  Sadly, it was last edited very many years ago.  Many of the links are now to archived versions of sites that no longer exist.  There is a lot of good stuff in there.

The Dear Surprise.  Resources to enhance the reading of the canon.

Patrick O'Brian at W. W. Norton. Norton's PO'B publications.

The Patrick O'Brian Compendium.  PO'B sites and information assembled by Tony Townsend.

The Patrick O'Brian Squidoo Page.  A collection of Patrick O'Brian links.

A List of POB Companion Books (Wayback Machine) on the website, compiled by Bruce Trinque.

The Nautical Fiction List by John Kohnen.