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Patrick O’Brian

Interviews with PO'B

A Life in the Day of Patrick O'Brian (Sunday Times, 1989) (jpeg).

PO'B interview with Francis Spufford (Independent, 1992) (jpeg).

Conversations/Patrick O'Brian by Francis X. Clines (New York Times, 1993).

An Evening With Patrick O'Brian (Mariner's Museum, 1995) (YouTube).

Interview with Stephen Becker (Paris Review, 1995).

Interview with Robert Hass (City Arts of San Francisco, 1995) (mp3) Part 1, Part 2.

Interview with Neil Conan (NPR, 1995) (mp3)

Interview with Frank J. Prial (New York Times, 1998)

Online chat with Richard Snow (Barnes and Noble, 1998) (Wayback machine).

Meet the writer: Patrick O'Brian (Barnes and Noble, 1999) (Wayback machine).

Book Discussion on Blue at the Mizzen with Walter Cronkite (CSpan, 1999) (video).

Patrick O'Brian: Sailing Upon Ancient Seas: interview with Dana Goodyear (Publisher's Weekly, 1999).

Interviews and articles about  PO'B

An Author I'd Walk the Plank For  Richard Snow in The New York Times, 1991.

Patrick O'Brian's Ship Comes In Mark Horowitz in The New York Times, 1993.

Cruising with Patrick O'Brian - The Man and the Myth Tom Perkins in Latitude 38, 2000.

O'Brian: the most Irish Englishman Kevin Myers in the Daily Telegraph, 2000 (Wayback machine).

O'Brian's Great Voyage Christopher Hitchens in The New York Review, 2000.

Empire Falls: How Master and Commander gets Patrick O'Brian wrong Christopher Hitchen in Slate, 2003.

Castaway Richard Russ in The Guardian, 2003.

Master and Deceiver: Nikolai Tolstoy on Patrick O'Brian  From The Times, 30 November 2003, by permission of Nikolai Tolstoy.

Music in Patrick O'Brian's novels  John Zech from Minnesota Public Radio, 2003

The Life of O'Brian (originally appeared in The Rare Book Review, 2005). An interview by Sara Waterson with Nikolai Tolstoy about PO'B's book collection.

Patrick and Mary O'Brian. A biography slightly adapted from the entry in The Patrick O'Brian Muster Book by Anthony Gary Brown.

PO'B's Town and Stephen's Country by Jay Reay.

Why Patrick O’Brian is Jane Austen at sea.  Article by Lucy Eyre in The Guardian, 2014.

BBC Radio 4 Book Club on "Master and Commander", with Allan Mallinson and James Naughtie, 2014.

Finding Patrick O'Brian in Collioure: A Literary Pilgrimage by K. C. Borden, 2015.

Escape from today.  Clive James explains how, terminally ill and barely bothering with books, he began to read again - thanks to the Jack Aubrey novels. The Sunday Times, 2015.

How troll stories blighted the life of Patrick O’Brian by William Waldegrave in The Spectator, 2019.

Reverse of the medal: The posthumous reputation of Patrick O’Brian by Frances Wilson in the Times Literary Supplement, 2020.