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By and For Lissuns

This contains:

  • Information about PO'B's works as books
  • Information that expands on topics raised in the books, but is based on modern knowledge
  • In the grand tradition of the Gunroom: everything else

Aubrey-Maturin Chronology, by Don Seltzer.

Aubrey-Maturin Poster, by Jaye Rebecca Haworth.

Aubreyisms, assembled and annotated by Anna Ravano.

Bells in the Tower: Patrick O'Brian's unattributed use of A.E. Housman's Poem AP IX, in his novel The Thirteen-Gun Salute, by Lois Montbertrand.

Boney: lissuns sing a sea shanty.

Book XXI - transcription of the final pages of The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey from the facsimile pages of Patrick O'Brian's holographic work in progress manuscript and notes for his final book.

Errata, being a collection of typos, misspellings, and minor inconsistencies in the Aubrey/Maturin novels, reported by Gunroom lissuns and compiled by Larry Breed.

Film and Book Connections, compiled by Jacquie Milner.

Geoff Hunt Covers, with commentaries by Don Seltzer.

Jack Aubrey's Career Prior to the Books by Dick Ellis.

Lissuns in the Galley: recipes from the Gunroom compiled by Ladyshrike.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Wayback Machine), by Gary Brown.  A brief introduction, for fans of Peter Weir’s 2003 movie, to the characters and plots in Patrick O’Brian’s original books


Pagination of Various Aubrey-Maturin Novel Editions, by Bruce Trinque.

PO'B's Quotations, assembled and annotated by Anna Ravano.

The Aubrey-Maturin Books as Literature, by Ken Ringle.

"The Centurion's Gig" (from "Winters Tales for Children 4", 1968). A "lost" short story featuring characters from "The Golden Ocean" and "The Unknown Shore".

The King William's College Quiz. A challenge we try to meet every year.

The Lissun's London Locator by Jay Reay.

The Log of the "Leopard", from Desolation Island by Warren Campbell.

The Lost Paragraph from the original version of HMS Surprise. This paragraph was omitted from the later editions (HarperCollins and Norton) of the third book in the canon.

The Mauritius Campaign (Wayback Machine): comprehensive study of the history behind Book IV of the Canon by Bruce Trinque.

Welsh for Readers of Testimonies by Sue Northcott.