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Sounds from Our Period and of Naval Interest

Drum Beat - Long Roll (mp3)

10-Pounder With Canister (mp3)

Napoleon Cannon Volley (mp3)

Roast Beef of Old England - fife & drum (mp3)

Bosun's Calls

Contributed by Conrad Risher

All .wav files

All Hands Away Belay
Boats Heave Around Mess Call
Password Pipe Aboard Pipe the Side
Secure from General Quarters Two Sideboys Four Sideboys
Six Sideboys Eight Sideboys Sweepers


Mac na h'Oighe slan

From "The Fortune of War"

The cock crowed again, and several of the Irishmen cried, 'Mac na h'Oighe slan.'
'What do they say?' asked Jack, turning to Stephen.
'Hail to the Virgin's Son,' said Stephen. 'We say that in Ireland, when we hear the first cockcrow of the day, so that if we meet a sudden death before the day is out, we may also meet with grace.'

Alice Gomez asked the Gunroom if that is what's really what "Mac na h'Oighe slan" means, and Brian Tansey answered:

"Yes, colloquially that is what it means: literally 'The Son of the Virgin is fit and well' It is not a phrase that I would say is in common usage. And there should be no 'h' in the middle of hÓige - Mac na hÓige Slán is correct."

Brian also supplied an mp3 file of what it sounds like in Irish Gaelic.