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Book XXI Transcription

The links below represent the efforts of five members of the Gunroom Patrick O'Brian mailing list. We each selected a portion of the final, hand-written pages of The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey to transcribe and posted our work for the others to evaluate. Bruce Trinque then compiled the efforts into its final form in MS-Word document format. Bill Nyden converted this into HTML and PDF formats in complete and page-by-page documents.

The file names represent the pagination in O'Brian's hand on each page. These pages are all from what he had designated Chapter III. The "a" and "b" are our additions to differentiate from repeated page numbers.

Comments, suggestions and disagreements can be addressed through the Gunroom.

Bruce Trinque, "Lady Shelley", Alexandria, Bill Nyden, Ginger Scheer-White


XXI-18-25   XXI-22
XXI-18   XXI-23a
XXI-19a   XXI-23b
XXI-19b   XXI-24
XXI-20   XXI-25