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In Memoriam

Individual obituaries to be collectively completed by Gunroom members.


Kerry Webb
November 7, 2015


Lisa Grossman
June 12, 2015


Mauricio Contreras
June, 2015


Mark Fowler
January 29, 2015

Mark's obituary, as posted by his wife on Facebook, is here.


Jim Klein
February 14, 2014

The program from Jim's memorial service is here.


Bruce A. Trinque
July 19, 2013

Bruce Trinque was a very active member of the list from its earliest days until shortly before his passing. He also compiled many web-pages on his various historical interests, not at all restricted to Patrick O'Brian's world. (Links to some of which can be found elsewhere on the Gunroom site.)

An obituary is at:


Lawrence Hare
April 18, 2013

Hope Hare writes: Lawrence and I met and fell in love on the Patrick O'Brian list—where we met so many life long friends. He was born in England, and his career took him from Italy to the US. He was brilliant and wonderful man, whose accomplishments were astonishingly varied—he was a mathematician and engineer, who  built everything from clocks and radio controlled airplanes to data management systems. And he loved to cook, loved to party, loved to play the piano. He died on April 18, 2013, after a long and hard struggle with prostate cancer. I miss him every day.
Memorial page here.


Gary Sims (Harbormaster)
February 18, 2013

Major Gary Sims was not only one of our most frequent, valued and voluminous contributors, but quietly undertook the smooth running of much of our backroom technology for the last several years. The Gunroom bought a bench in Gary and his wife Cindy's names at the Mary DeDecker Native Plant Garden at the Eastern California Museum,  155 N. Grant St., Independence CA. This had the inscription:

With their love they
Made the desert bloom.

There is more about Gary and the bench at:


Herb Grossman
September 11, 2010


John Bannon (Jebvbva)
August 29, 2010


Colin White
December 25, 2008

Naval historian Dr. Colin White was a Gunroom "listswain" and contributed his insight to our discussions of the works of Patrick O'Brian.

The 1805 Club and the Society for Nautical Research have joined forces to create a substantive and long term memorial which the consensus of the Gunroom felt would be appropriate to join with. This is an annual series of lectures by several speakers on the theme of naval leadership with an intended audience of young historians and naval people, a project which Colin himself started a year of so before his final illness. Thus it is very appropriate.

1805, SNR and the Gunroom have each put £1000 into the project and have thus secured it for the first three years.


Patrick Tull
September 23, 2006

Patrick Tull was a British actor born in Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, England in 1941. He moved to New York City in 1973 and performed on film, television, and the Broadway stage. He was also a chef, raconteur and, in a word, memorable.  He is most remembered by the readers of Patrick O'Brian for his masterful audio recordings of all 21 volumes of the Aubrey-Maturin series in complete and unabridged form. His command of the seafaring series' dialects and the general tenor of the novels won admiration from fans around the world. He was an active member of the Gunroom from 1997 until shortly before his death in 2006.


Mary Stolzenbach (Stolzi)
August 3, 2006


Marion Marchand
December 17, 2003


Donald R. Morris
December 5, 2002


Anne Chotzinoff Grossman (Cookie)
November 5, 2002