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David’s Cleaning Kit

David Millian's Cleaning Kit:
a) microfiber cloths. (The single most brilliant innovation this millennium.)
b) soft scrub
c) nylon scrubbing pads - maybe a brush, too.
d) magic eraser
e) lighter fluid
f) bleach
g) baking soda (with bleach, makes a great poultice to leach stains.)
h) comet scrubbing powder
i) glass cleaner
There's not much I can't do with those items. Specialized things require other things, of course- furniture oils, etc.- but that's 98% of it.

John Bannon:
I would add acetone (fingernail polish remover) to that kit. Lighter fluid is good on petroleum products but acetone works on the super-glue type products.

Lois's All-Purpose Cleaner:
Mix 1/2 cup of ammonia 1/2 cup of vinegar 1/4 cup of baking soda into 1 gallon of warm water.
And Heloise's all purpose non-scratch rub, Nylon Net
Rescue sponges
A hungry dog------or is that redundant?

If you ever need to clean rusty steel or remove paint from your car, soak it in Coca-Cola - it'll come up clean and shiny. I shudder to think about human intestines, joy.

Helen Connor:
Orange oil - the best for removing sticky stuff. Like conifer sap from a small dog's hide.

Bob Kegel:
0000 steel wool removes water spots from glass but won't scratch.
Chloroform dissolves otherwise-permanent marker ink.
Xylene will remove spray paint from most hard surfaces.

Barkeeper's Friend (oxalic acid) for rust-off-of-china, flatware, counters, etc.
Good quality duct tape. Used to remove scotch-tape or other sticky residue from surfaces that one can't use liquid solvents on, such as books, covers, wooden doors, walls. Make a little roll, carefully touch tape to residue numerous times, until all residue adheres to the tape.
Tooth brush
Utility knife/razor blade.

John Meyn:
Spray furniture polish. Good for removing gluey label marks and other sticky marks from shiny surfaces.
Lacquer hairspray. Excellent for removing ball-point ink from anything washable.
WD40. Good for removing lots of stuff from plastic, which it doesn't attack and good for dissolving red Hermetite and other sealers.