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Gentleman’s Relish

Gentleman's Relish
             Adam Quinan
             Andy Keeler
             Ted Brown
             Ray Martin
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Gentleman's Relish - Adam Quinan
Gentlemen's Relish or Patum Peperium is basically anchovies in butter and seasonings. Its a brownish colour, not nearly as dark as Marmite but quite as tasty spread thinly on hot buttered toast.
I have never seen it in Toronto but I don't always hang out in gourmet stores.

Andy Keeler
Ahh my!... One of the many small yet incomparable joys of being British!
On days like today (freezing cold, damp and dismal) when the attractions of a more Mediteranean lifestyle seem unusually strong, a good round of very thin, lightly buttered toast and Gentlemans Relish will quite dispel the winter blues.
I am a devotee of the stuff because:
a)It is mouthwateringly delicious
b) it always seems a slightly decadent,
c) it gives me an excuse to go to Fortnum & Masons whenever I am in the vicinity.

Caution: Novices should always spread GR very sparingly - it has quite a kick to it.
Other concerned Lissuns may be reassured to know that despite having a very rich, and rather salty flavour, it bears no resemblance at all to M*rm*te !
Andy K - borrowing from Gibert and Sullivan to state that -
"In spite of all temptations, to belong to other nations, he remains an Englishman."

Ted Brown
It tastes of anchovies and is delicious.

Ray Martin
Best, IMHO, on toast fingers, dipped into a soft-boiled egg for breakfast.
If there's no M**mit* left, that is.