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Gunroom Access and Settings

A new Gunroom is here!

The Gunroom has finally updated to the Age of Steam. Our mailing list, long running on the same software, has now been moved to a new platform supporting indexing, profile management and secure access.

There are a lot of differences between the old list and the new one. In this page, we will provide the key pointers so that both people used to the old list and those new to our community can find out how to operate the new list.

You can join the list via our Mailman information page. You will have to create a user ID to join, as well as giving your email address.

If you are subscribed, you can leave the list quickly by sending a message to gunroom-leave[at]hmssurprise[dot]org from your subscribed address. You will receive a confirmation request and once you have confirmed, you will be unsubscribed from the list.

Specific questions


How can I change my subscription settings online?

You can change your subscription settings by visiting our Gunroom member options login page. If you have already created a username, you can sign in using either your subscription email address or your username with your list password. Then you will reach the "Gunroom Membership Information" page for your username. Click on the 'Manage Subscription' button for your subscription address and you will be able to change all aspects of your subscription.

Why do I need a username? I never did before

The new mailing list software for the Gunroom (Mailman version 3) recognizes that individuals might have multiple emails and might want to belong to several lists so it will ask you to create a username for your subscription and associate any email addresses you want with it. If you don't have a username yet, you will need to create on by selecting the 'Sign Up' option from the List Index page. You will see that there are two lists there: our Gunroom list, and a list for discussions of the life and works of P G Wodehouse. With a username you can sign up for both.

Note that when you create a password with this sign up, it will never be sent to you via email.

Help - I've forgotten my password!

You can get a password reminder at our Password Reset Page. Enter your subscription email address in the box and select 'Reset My Password'. If you already have a username, you will get an email with a link to allow you to reset your password. If you do not have a username, you will need to set that up first as shown in the Username section.

When I try to send a picture file as an attachment, it doesn't come through. What can I do about it?

The Mailman software is set to strip all attachments. Pictures intended for the list's enjoyment can be uploaded to the Gunroom's short term gallery page.

What has happened to my lovely formatting?

The Mailman software is set to convert all messages to plain text. Your HTML formatting will be lost.

Why aren't my posts reaching the list, even though I'm receiving other Gunroom messages?

To ward off spammers, we have made this a closed list; only subscribers may post. If you are having trouble posting, you may be subscribed under a different address than the one by which you receive mail. Get help from a real person at gunroom-owner[at]hmssurprise[dot]org.

If you have a Gmail account, be aware that Gmail automatically and irrevocably deletes from your inbox the version of your message sent back from the server, considering it a duplicate of the message that you sent out. You will find copies of your message in your "Sent" and "All mail" folders. If someone replies to your message, the whole message thread will then appear in your inbox.

I'm not getting any messages at all. What's happened? What should I do?

If you haven't gotten any Gunroom messages for some considerable time, the list may be down. When the list goes down, the list administrators are usually aware of it fairly quickly. Chances are, they are already working on the problem.

You might want to check the internal archives to see if there has been any traffic that you alone haven't received. If this is the case, request help from the list administrators at gunroom-owner[at]hmssurprise[dot]org

Another possibility is that your ISP has declared the Gunroom's host a SPAM-generator and blacklisted us. When this happens the list administrators receive "bounce" messages, informing us of the fact. We then try to notify the affected lissun to help rectify the problem.

How can I change my subscription settings via email?

Email gunroom-request[at]hmssurprise[dot]org with the word "help" (no quotes) in the body of the email.  This will return an information email, which includes a list of commands that you can then send by email. You must send the "help" command or any other commands to gunroom-request[at]hmssurprise[dot]org not gunroom[at]hmssurprise[dot]org (which will spam the whole list with them).

How can I get more help

If you need help from a real person, send an email to: gunroom-owner[at]hmssurprise[dot]org