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The Aubrey Coat-of-Arms

The Aubrey Arms

Quarterly or and gules, on a fess azure three spotted-dicks, between in the first quarter an 18-pounder, in the second a sextant, in the third a fiddle sea-going, and in the fourth between a single star and a group of three stars the sun in his splendour.

Crest: on a ship's wheel a telescope of brass and cutlass saltire-wise.

Supporters: dexter a sloth debauched; sinister a Testudo aubreii proper, the whole upon a compartment representing th'impervious horrors of a lee shore (sort of).

Motto: Avis matutina... duabus in dumo par est. (The early bird... is worth two in the bush).

It's meant to represent skill at navigation, power of arms, a delight in astronomy and music, love of puddings and so on, with the motto exemplifying Jack's way with words.

Jane Skinner, 15 Sep 1997

Inspired by a challenge by Bruce Trinque to the Gunroom to create an Aubrey Coat of Arms.